Saturday , June 3 2023

Digital Today – Thousands go to shops for black Friday; Happy sales managers


Tens of thousands of shoppers and other businesses in Big Santo Domingo, using Black Friday or Black Friday, have dropped from 10 to 75 percent yesterday.
Compared to previous years, the flow of buyers was low yesterday as the "Prefräd" was used by people to purchase less-than-commodity goods.
John F. Shopping centers, such as Ágora, Galería 360, Megacentro and Distribuidora Corripio, at Kennedy Avenue and 27th Plaza Lama in Febrovo, have registered a permanent stream of people since opening their doorstep.

Shop managers said last year sales of "Black Friday" sales exceeded 15% and attracted offers.
John F. Lorenzo Lantuia, Sales Manager for Distribuidora Corripio at Kennedy Avenue, said Thursday that the sale was good and that the upcoming sales would end as well.
"Discount reaches 35 to 60%. The goal is to exceed 20-25% of sales last year, and we will keep it, "he said.
The largest products were TVs, refrigerators and hobbies.
Charlene Teahada, Deputy Head of Jumbo Avenue Luperon, said there were some 40% discount on credit card and textile and home appliances.
"We plan to increase sales by 15% by 2017. We hope to surpass expectations, because we see a good stream, "he said.

The most popular items are clothing, then TV, washing machine and fans.
"We have very good discounts, such as electrical appliances, clothing, footwear, fashion, food, and the market," says Grobo Ramos, head of the Community Relations Group, Romina Vázquez.
According to him, 40% discount on all clothes, footwear and underwear, 50% discount on goods selected for men, women and children.

On February 27, Pablo Alonso, Director General of Electrical Engineering at Plaza Lama, said sales had been very active until noon, and that the store had to be opened until the time when many people had come up early.
"Discount exceeds 60%, 45% is in the selected items of Plaza Lama and 15% is with the Bank's backup cards," he said.
Discounts on Agora Mall reached 70%. Casa Cuesta cheapened in blenders, toaster, microwave ovens, electric ovens, coffee maker and iron at 40%. 60% discount on mobile phones selected in Claro.
In Gallery 360 there were up to 70% discount on their stores.
Blue Mall benefits range from 10 to 80%. Piruleta and Barone reach up to 70% of the selected items.
Pro Consumers' headquarters were placed in some stores, while military units were spotted in plasma.

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