Monday , September 27 2021

Do you love oral sex? Pineapple you like it

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There are men and women who miss it oral sex. Because, of course, fluids The relationship is not entirely pleasant, most of them are really bitter. It can not be said, they can also produce delicate and softening odors. But you know the food What can smell and taste change? Such a situation pineapple, that's what you need.

Vetitantos says that a research University of Lyon, France. Nutritional habits can be sweet or at least neutral in vaginal fluid, but especially saman. If this person is opposite or vice versa, you should add it to the diet.

The saman It consists of proteins, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Hence, things that we eat will do much with him. On the other hand, pineapple It shows its freshness, A, C, and a large amount of folic acid. In addition, minerals such as potassium, magnesium and iron.

It should be noted that it contains bromelain, an enzyme that not only improves intestinal transit, but also turns proteins into amino acids.

Among many of its many properties are the aphrodisiac effects, as it helps installation about penis it lasts longer and strengthens the nerve end. That is, it will help neutralize it taste about saman.

In this case, we can change the word "Your" samanI eat it. If your child wants the island to be frequent, he must go to it the food excessive flavored. Like onions, spices, coffee, soft drinks, red meat and, most likely, reduce the amount of cigarettes.

In short, it would be good to use some slices before eating, especially when your tongue is in the middle of your legs.






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