Saturday , June 3 2023

Dollar in Chile today


The exchange rate has risen by $ 2.7 to $ 671.5, compared to the previous price.

International issues will start at the exchange rate of Chile at the start of the central week, at the level corresponding to the decline in dollar operations on the last day of the week.

In the first day of the day, Reference currency amounted to $ 671.5, which is expected to increase by $ 2.7.

In this regard, the local currency rate corresponds to the situation outside the country.

At the moment, the US dollar's international value is estimated by the US Dollar Index comparing it to the currency basket – by 0.14%, mainly due to the Euro-dollar drop.

At the same time, the bulk of emerging currencies is against the US currency. At the same time, only a few coins will appear in the segment.

One of the alarming concerns of the foreign exchange market is the fact that the trade war has some effect in some countries. In this case, Germany announced the reduction of GDP in the third quarter of the first Euro-zone economy.

Meanwhile, Chinese funds have harassed the Asian giant, which is threatening the US Huawei.

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