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Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; | Completed filters + Post Credit views + Spoilers? Here is the true SPOILER ALERT | Gokú | Freezer | Vegeta Anime


The feature of the long-awaited film has been created today «Dragon Ball Super: Broly», then some pages Facebook they have filtered this full movie and told the user what the user said on the credit scene has a unique meaning.

Toei's secrecy to give the movie a secret, because the characters' squeezing and some Japanese journalists were invited, which was overall and maximum, so there is no picture «Dragon Ball Super: Broly» so if you wait anyway, we have to tell you that this post is not for you.

On the other hand, Ken Hiro, one of the most authoritative sources in the world, presented the information you read. Dragon Ball & # 39; usually attacks Spoiler types.

Finally, we go here: HELP WITH MORE SPEAKERS!

To avoid spoilers, we'll try to collect as much as possible, and you'll shoot a "smile" movie. The film begins with the appearance of Frieza on the planet Vegas, which begins with its genocide plan (supernova explosion). Here Bardock emerged, Goku's father, who "already flashed" his plan.

It also found that the plan threatened Feria and could destroy this planet. More than 2000 dwarfed warriors are scattered through Scouts. This is a case Broke Knowing the intentions of Frisia, the King acquired the Eggs intersection at the site of the Vega and sent it to the planet Vampa, and Paraguas split the planet several minutes before the Vegas explosion.

Then you will see the pictures Goku going to the present day, where everybody reads lunch at Bulma's house after a power struggle with dragons on one side; Nevertheless, Gothen and Tryck realized that one of them had disappeared, and everybody started a journey to the snowy landscape, which was evident.

Once here, Goku feeling that someone is very strong, yes, Broke, who came to the place and not only, but also Freiza (after the "power tourney"), resuming his life and killing him Goku, Vegeta and all the animals that threaten it Broke); but Paraguas sends his son to fight with the "Z warriors", and here the whole film begins.

Fighting – a "living fire" and falling first Vegeta, he could not do anything before the government Broke but Goku, with a super-violet blue, he was given "against the ropes." Frisa sees this, and Goku appears to have a look at the Krylin crackdown on Namekuseli, which, as he "wants to kill two stone stones," decides to do so. Anyone injured? His father, Paraguay, has a 100% super-hit (yes, he has never been called legendary super-cyan, or something like that).

Brooke begins the conflict with our favorite "warrior Z", leaving the ground completely damaged and defeated, who thinks about escaping there. Piccolo will appear here and Telepathically will help Goku to help him find out what's right now, when our main character, Vesta, is aware of Piccolo's location, and when it happens, snowfall all the chaos of the lava and explosions and Freiza Brody is punished.


One day, together with Piccolo, Kempisma, Bulma, and others were trying to overcome Bruce. Goku offers a merger. The vegetarian refuses to perform the acts, but Bulma puts it in his mind and joins the prince, but there is a problem, because the steps were not very good.

Three times Goku and Vegeta tries to unite, and they are not until the fourth when they get it; For the first time they will not have the Gogeta oil version, the second is thin, and the third is intermediate, it will not be perfect. Fourthly, we can achieve transformation and go to the popular and favorite Gogeta stage, knowing that we are all fighting.

At that moment, Fritz, who turned to Gold, ran to his boat and fled. Here's the source in the source that the "dimensions are broken" (we still do not understand what he is talking about) and Gogeta de Broke and in his path everything will be destroyed.

Broke it receives its maximum power and goes out of control, so the Whis comes and surprises the "Z warriors" who came to stop the situation for a while. Brooks sees him and starts hitting the left and right, laughing so long that the angel laughs. Subsequently, Gogeta When it is Super Saiyan Blue, and begins to control the fight and when it comes to launching its latest attack, Broly disappears.

Chele (he sympathizes with them Broke because he met Vampa on the planet), he invited Shendron to gather the dragon on the planet and ask him to come home after asking for long-awaited hope from Sean Long.

«Dragon Ball Super: Broly» The image of Frieze sees Shane Lang's brightness and looks forward to his desires, even though he has a high and subordinate kyconon, in his second and third forms. The freezer pushes her head and wants her to be in the final shape.


Here's a glimpse of the film's ending and the audience's participation in the show, but that's not what anyone expected. «Dragon Ball Super: Broly» There is a credit scene about the next loan.

In a particular part of the ribbon, Goku Remember this «Broke he was not bad, he did not feel any evil and he tried to control it., so when he meets Brode, and when they meet, Sayayin gives him a "Bulma" capsule when he is activated, he makes a full house with food and talks with Broly, and finally "friends", he goes with Wis and calls himself Sayyayin is called "Kakaroto".

On the other hand, take note of the film's description «Dragon Ball Super: Broly» He has a certain limit of errors, and we have gathered all the tapes to see the best way to go to the cinema.

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