Friday , May 14 2021

Dreams of Alexis's "sexual" promises

Yesterday evening, Penaflord's "My Friends" became very special for the ninety-nine children's reception center because many of them were not able to fall asleep until evening and still bombarded Alexis Sanchez and innocent but questionable questions about the bones.

Although most of them are happy with their new sneakers, they can even play the stuffed dogs of Atom and Humber, but they can also be "hiking in the pool" and the surrounding soccer field, all of which are very excited.

"The Christmas gift is a commitment to fix a water well for the water reservoir, as well as a courtroom. This person speaks well. And everything was done individually, "said Luis Owessar, director of the" My Friends "village, acknowledging that Alexe had heard about half an hour before his inauguration.

Manchester United's current striker, waiting for the green light of Mario Brabo, who has been working at home for 30 years, takes into account how many days he needs to run the pool, the most anticipated summer in the children.

"One day, a Ferris wheel will appear on the car, where you can see the benefits of the painting. Then you have to work for at least two more days. In other words, Alexis gives green light, and in three days we have a full pool, "said the Maintenance Manager.

On the one hand, a land plot with a sports track will soon be planted with grass – thanks to the parque del Recuerdo's share and Sanchez's future help will be fencing barriers Do not enter the homes of neighbors.

For Luis Vargas, the village's "knots", this field is a blessing and the fact that it is a fact encourages many children to engage in sports. "It's here that Nicolas Maturana, who has just played. Then he polished and reached U to prove it. So, I am glad to see improvement, "he said.

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