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Dulpol's author calls on Hugh Jackman to cross with Volwerin



Considering that Hugh Jackman recently denied the return of Volverine, the author of Duelpell sent the actor a thorough invitation / explanation.

Did they know? Hugh Jackman he refused the opportunity to repatriate (and seventh time) with him Wolverine Something next to Camo, next to it Division. He even "Ryan Reynolds He has tested it in different ways, but it does not happen.

Well, this time Reynolds did not come out of favor crossover The big screen is between Volverain and Bokon's Launcher, but co-author of Deadpool in Marvel Comics, Rob Liefeld!!

Luffeld said this in his report Instagram:

"Dear Hugh Jackman: Check out your recent comment, yes, the fans want to stay at the same level of excitement and excitement as you can see Wolverine return to Deadpool next to Rayman. I can be glad that I have never been to the audience for 33 years as a comic business and talking to Logan and Wade as the person who made memorable moments! Wolverine – my favorite character in the history of the comic, inspired all aspects of the division! Please pay attention again to your keys for a great adventure! «

"Diverpole's father" even offered Wolverine # 154-155 to Jackman to adapt to the most memorable balls of two characters in the Marvel Comic.

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Do you think that Jackman will reconsider it?

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