Saturday , June 19 2021

Eduardo Berizzo is free and Colo Colo bounces him

Colo Colo was not named for the first time by Eduardo Berizzo. But this time it's different. Yesterday, Toto left Atlético Bilbao and was immediately transferred to Hector Tapia. Despite her curriculum, her proximity to Chile could have damaged her balance.

Since Basco was enough to release Toto's former assistant, the situation would have brought him closer to Pedro's cousin. Although the trainer had a two-year contract, the poor attacked Basco's decision. The team will never fly. After dropping Monday on Monday with a score of 3: 0 against Levante, he could not drop down.

"Eduardo (Beriszó) sees the issue of release. Everything was so fast and there was not enough time to think about the future, "said Huggins, former champion DT.

Old threats. In April last year, Pablo Goude's departure seemed to be close, and Anibo Mosa brought the phone and handed it to Berizzo to find out their conditions. However, Argentina forgave himself because he was a great mentor: he negotiated with the red carpet headed by Marcelo Bils.

"This Toto was a pleasant story explaining its reasons. But Bilbao was well developed, so Colo Colo could not reach agreement. But Chile had the intention of the club, "she said.

This time the transceiver is open to candidates. Searching for a prominent DD to tapia and respect for clothing will put it into a possible list.

Also, the former Celta coach does not lose contact with Chile. As part of our family is in Santiago, he is closer to our country of travel.

"Eduardo (Berizzo) loves Chile. He has many connections with the country, his daughter lives there. It would not be difficult for a team such as Colo Colo, but I still understand that there is nothing to do. As I said before, everything went very fast since Athletic Bilbao's departure. "

Even though this is not the case, the list of candidates remains in the race. Marie Salas, who once again hopes to become a champion with Sporting Cristal in Peru, is the taste of the entire board. José Nestor Pekerman is the most expensive coach in the wage, and there is no Martin Palermo.

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