Friday , August 19 2022

ENAP: All petrol prices will decline


This was reported by the National Petroleum Company (ENAP) All fuel prices will be released on Thursday.

Fuel price change weekly report 93 octane, 97 octane and diesel gasoline reduce their tariffs by 5,8 pounds per liter$ 760.5 / liter, $ 781.3 / liter and $ 582.1 / liter.

On the other hand, kerosene (paraffin) also decreases 29.0 pesos per liter, $ 518.8 / liter and Liquefied petroleum gas takes 1.9 pesos per liter, $ 231.1 / liter.

It's important to know that the prices that are evaluated by the ENP are different from that of the consecrator. The National Oil Company: "This report is not, in any case, a document that defines, corrects or defines references or values ​​to wholesale prices or prices that are sold to the end user at the Chilean market. open, competitive and regulated market environment. "

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