Friday , November 27 2020

Ernesto Valverde tells Dammel that he has to find succession

The "bad boy" in Barcelona has been critically criticized for two weeks. Getty Images

Ousmane Dembélé You need to find success through good work, he said Ernesto Valverde after the meeting between the two Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which were sealed off in a 1-1 draw on Saturday, thanks to French.

Francis had a great deal of success and added five goals to the League, giving his team no less than seven points, as they usually came to win or in that case he came to save the ball.

However, the 21-year-old midfielder has been criticized for having a bad attitude in Barcelona, ​​even in the absence of professionalism. He even refused to speak Betis after coming to training immediately.

For Barcelona trainer, his task is to help him develop his talent, but "depend on it", their productivity and professionalism, and teamwork.

"There are key moments in the game; it sets big goals. Everything is needed in the team. Experts, I do not know anything, are the players who open the group, play or dispute for you. There are some things in Demirtas. He is self-confident, has two legs shot and has a personality. She has a lot of talent, and we have to help her.

We are in the mouth of each of us, and there are times like the last days, but we hope to give more to the game. His long-term and continuity depends on him, "he said at a press conference after the meeting in Valverde.

On the other hand, Barcelona's coach has denied excessive caution when he scored a goal for his team several times – eight appearances and only two goals – or Atlético de Madrid, pointing to the iron-defensive approach, called the "imbalance difficult".

"We try to capture something that each of us should do. We play across opposite sides of your area; they will be opposed by using the strategy. Each of them performed his own action as usual. It is important to see how athletics protect the stadium. It's hard to balance. We saw it in every way.

We came from the game where we had a lot of chances and we thought we would not do it again, but we tried to win, "he said.

For Valverde, the connection to the Colonel Table shows only high competitiveness of both teams and has provided Atletico with all the titles as a direct opponent.

"I do not know which of the main competitors (for the title), but Atlético is, of course, for the League, Champions and Copa. We played, I do not know how much more on the pitch; It is clear that we have to control their contrasts, and we have not drifted that day. Everything is playing on their own pitch, but it is important to take into account the difficulties of playing against Atlético de Madrid because it is a great defense, "he said.

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