Friday , August 19 2022

Eva Gomez said that she spent one night with Luis Miguel


Eva Gomes he was one of the guests of the program Do not blame the night TVN, where he showed up at night with Luiz Miguel.

However, his experience was not so close, as Kenita Larrine lived with the group of Sol de Mexico, but it was Spanish be completely happy.

"I met him through his friend, his owner Koko Pacacco Luis Miguel is a dining restaurant. I loved her. When I have a poodle in my life, that is what Luis Miguel believes"He began to count.

On this way, the communicator told his friend that he knows his taste, so he invited him to the restaurant to support him and Signature acquisition He did not intend to get anything other than the interpreter.

"He told me," Why do not you come and I'll be here all the time, this bird comes at night and When I sign you,. I did it, "he said.

When the artist came in, the coordination was not very good, so Eva lost the chance to meet her. However, I did not know anything about it he was faced with with singer, will surely make an unexpected call.

He said, "Hello," and I said "hello." He said: Do you want to eat with me? "He said. We ate, danced and sang. It's a great game"he told Luis Miguel, singing flamenco songs and sang in his ears.

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