Saturday , June 19 2021

Everton has announced Javier Torrente's departure

Argentine trainer Viñamarinos took the middle of the year and saved them from falling.

Last day 2018 Scotiabank Championship, Everton defeated San Luiz and won the first division.

He was responsible for the restoration of VENAMARINOS Javier Torrente. Argentina team lasted for a year in the last place and left eleven.

By the way, the "rulers" declared Rosario's continuity.

The Everton Club of Everest's Everest, Javier Torrent and his coaching staff, thanks 25,208 for the second half of 2018 to thank Everton for the team's first division.

Torrente's team Everton de Viña del Mar finished eleventh in the first five rounds of the second round, as well as excellent work on the field and beyond.

The famous Argentinian technician, thanks to good relationship with Pachuca Group, came to the middle of the year and the only goal was to maintain a complete category. For this reason, with all the work, humility and patience, Torrent won the love of the whole institution and Oro-Yielo fans.

At the end of his mission in 2011, Scotiabank's championship ended, Everton de Viña del Mar announced that it would not upgrade its own team at the Oro y Cielo club, which will be completed under a team of Javier Torrente. Together with our technical staff, our doors open doors and we hope our roads will meet again.

We wish you professional and personal success in your future challenges.

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