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Fallout 76 is not removed from some computers


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76 Fallout will make up to 14 sales in November, two days and a week before Bethesda launches a special BE.T.A trial. With the help of players from different platforms, you can understand what they are expecting when you get developer notes.

The trial was over but it was a challenge for computer players, though Bethesda said that gamers would make adjustments to the game through feedback. prohibits entry into the game and prevents it from happening

Some Fallout 76 users have encountered difficulties in their computer version when they want to delete their ideas. B.T. The company said it was a complete set of tests, so all those who set it up would have a full set of data. Today, a few days later, with the official Fallout Forum at Reddit, PC users complained that the Bethesda installer prevented games from being removed from their system.

According to Reddit, when you try to delete Fallout 76, a popup window will appear and players will ask for a login, and when you get an "online" status, players have tried to successfully undo the game. You may see a message "You are not authorized to play this game".

Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. Our first impressions

This is a bug, and maybe if the buyer has purchased Fallout 76, it will be unique to the beta version if it removes the game after it's available. Users expect the patch to be able to correct this situation after a full game is released.

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