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"Pokemon: Let's Go" – in its version of "Pikaku!" Or "Eevee!"– It was a great part of the series For Nintendo this is 2018for a Japanese company.

About this The first version of exclusive watches for home consoles, except for generation traditional shooting mechanics were amended Pokemon.

Some people we are thrilled that fans will know this year that the Pokemon video combines the features of the mobile application Niantic (Called Pokémon GO) and in 2019 they will be delivered to you with traditional mechanics.

At the same time: [VIDEO] Nintendo "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate "for the newest animated trailer

The Critic remarks were collected and on November 16, "Pokemon:, the version is described as "not for true players" with many followers.

However, after the criticism is basically unreasonable less than a week after its launch, the movie "Pokemon: Come!" has more than 3 million copiesSwitch over all Nintendo console names.

Another advantage is how helping to regain fans. Some have managed to control it thanks to Pokémon: Let's Go Share your favorite series with your small children or that remembers (or transforms) the first generation of Pokemon The opportunity to return to the world conquered them in the 90s.

In addition, she will be accompanied by the Miss World nomination for Japanese singer Sailor Moon

But one of them conversations that have moved many users of social networks one GrumpyFinn on Reddit, which can be seen later in the series about his childhood thanks to the new version.

The There is a loss of vision due to women's cataract – The main cause of blindness in the world, located on the back of the eye lens, the iris and the pupil.

Condition he did not allow the clock to enjoy video games as they were thrown into portable console with very small screens and miniature resolutions.

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