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Florian Seishan, CEO of HMD Global (Nokia)


HMD Global is the exclusive owner of the Nokia brand on mobile devices. The manufacturer has recently completed his second life, but is removed Give it a brand-new brand similar to that of Nokia.

At the end of February at the Mobile Fair in Barcelona, ​​they released their latest catalog in their catalog; Nokia's new Pureview is a good repertoire of up to $ 35 to five rear cameras and many people talking about Nokia offer a break from a traditional idea.

To get to know the new Nokia, we have the opportunity to talk to him Florian Seishear, General Director of HMD Global We ask about the company's prospects, its commitment to pure Android, and Nokia's position regarding the upcoming years.

The latest European manufacturer of mobile telephony

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The mobile phone market manages Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi. Only Apple from the United States is the powerful Asian ecosystem. Among these two worlds we have European brands such as Nokia.

Is there any space for a brand like HMD Global? Great manufacturers have won the battle at this moment, but HMD Global is the largest growing manufacturer. According to Counterpoint, Nokia branded 782% worldwide last year.

This growth is only a result Market share in Europe is 2%Is less than 31% of Samsung's or Huawei's 21%, but HMD Global can at least be able to access the top 5 mobile manufacturers in Europe. «We are very glad to have strong positions with major markets in Europe, the UK and Germany"Explains Seiche.

This situation is not good in Spain General Director of HMD Global, where they have a place to grow and understand that they have a Nokia brand knowledge rather than sales. The delicate situation, as soon as we know, the company will eliminate 20% of the workforce in Spain.

Interview with Florian Etiquette

When selling Spanish BQ to Vingroup, the latest European cell phone manufacturer disappeared, and if so, Gigaset remains. Previously, Nokia, Siemens, Ericsson, Philips … but now HMD Global remains the only European representative of technology. In this regard, Seiche «Where to find the essential components for mobile technology? It is difficult to deal with large markets in China or India«

Taking this into account, Nokia offers European terminal terminals and designs, as well as links with builders. One the strategy requires not only new, but also a supplement competing against other manufacturers who can offer aggressive prices.

"We have a unique position as a unique European brand. Ways to succeed are based on European design and quality control, an important part of DNA, but we work closely with partners who can access the Asian ecosystem. we can be the best of both worlds. «

Strong Android Appliance


Where is the new Nokia Differential Factor? During this time, we have seen that Nokia has chosen the best medium to choose from, and even in the high range, to ensure that Android is the best in terms of revenue from the best segments. c One with the Android One is one of the few flagship manufacturers.

In the former MVS-2019, we saw that Nokia offered Nokia's other flagships – Nokia 1 Plus, Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4.2. A special button for Android 9 Pie, Google Assistant and in some cases NFC. Maybe they are not the most powerful smartphones, but they have a few points in their favor; on the one hand strict update policy and on the other hand, there is a directory Understand the nomenclature clearly and easily.

«The upgrade promises are done in the Nokia area. We add additional software, so let's keep track of what programs they want to stay with"It tries to be different from other brands, as they have been doing so far so many cheap competitors have seen their cheap models up to date. Nokia is oriented to other brands We recommend the latest version of Google.

Is that enough? This should be remembered Other manufacturers like Xiaomi have phones with Android One. In this connection, HMD Global has previouslyI think the Chinese producers will not have a positive impact on the marketbut Nokia's CEO believes it is of great value to consumers:We offer high-quality design, but also great value. Not only the price paid, but also the opportunity to get good practice by choosing different types of integration, if needed.«

Nostalgia understood it as a relief

Florian Seishear

Updates and this policy with Google are one of the newest features of Nokia, but in countries like Spain, the Nokia Nostalgia is still very interesting. Partial memory is partially preserved An important feature of HMD Global's "feature phone", the company will continue to upgrade and sell the type of mobile phone that will take place with Nokia 3310, along with 4G.

What is Florian Sedash's view of nostalgia?

"I think it comes from nostalgia designs like our 3310 or Nokia 110. They are mobile phones that are instantly recognizable anywhere in the world, and we want to have this new generation. " These values ​​are for Nokia, after all, consumers feel a sense of trust in our products, quality and reliability, a number of values ​​that are appreciated by today's young consumers. «

Nokia's position of up to 50% of the market can not be restored. It is very difficult to return to this situation with many brands. If we recall this, they will be more careful and remember than HMD Global they are just two years' life brand.

"Our goal is to get as many customers as possible, but this is a different way for us, we started out as a new company two years ago and in this sense we get a phenomenal effect with the brand of Nokia, which has a strong connection and position. but this is just the beginning of the road. "

We try to wake up Nokia's nostalgia, and we've asked Florian Seiche about N-Gage. Do you have a chance to see this type of device again? Are there any upcoming games for Nokia? «This is a very interesting topic for us, but this year we chose to invest our energy in other spheres of innovation. The premium segments are designed for computer computing.«

Nokia 9 Pureview: This is not a number that is processing

Nokia 9 effects 5

We talked about the Nokia 9 Pureview for several years as it leaks and showed the rear camera system. Never before has mobile device been introduced and possibly presented Nokia's most dangerous flagship because it is a HMD Global division.

We had the opportunity to check out his five back camera and the reality is that the first impressions are great. Thus, other manufacturers are similar to light technology.

We did not want to ask Seiche about the Nokia 9 Pureview. Is it better? «This design, yes. Since the innovation equipped with the five-chamber camera is really connected to computer photographs, you can take pictures with five cameras simultaneously«

Thus, What is the limit of possible cell phones? We asked him "The limit is given through the physical capabilities of integrating mobile design. There is also another limit and this is the computer power that the smartphone can operate."In the case of Nokia 9 Pureview, Florian Séish explains that"We work well with Qualcomm and we have five cameras – the maximum allowing you to create impressive pictures.«

Currently there are no 5G and flexible mobile phones: Nokia smartphones need a long time

Nokia 9 effects 7

We live in mobile phones at a time when big brands are building up the next mobile revolution: more resources like 5G and flexible screens. However, Nokia has decided not to have time to show its work.

Florian Seichem confirms that he is working on a 5G mobile phone. «We do not know the time, but we are one of the Qualcomm partners and launch our 5G mobile phone"At present, it is not the most favorable and, like other brands, the CEO of HMD GlobalIt is still early, especially for Europe."Maybe by the end of the year?"Yes, that would be a good day.«

Nokia, along with Huawei and Ericsson, is a brand that owns many companies patents telecommunication networks. Also, in Nokia 5G, which aims to get 3 euros for each 5G smartphone.

They are not interested in flexible cells. Is this product market available?

"We think this is one of the major trends in the industry, and now the premium segment is too concentrated, consumers are not ready to spend their mobile phones for a long time and spend € 1,000 per year."

Nokia does not exclude that the company has launched such a mobile phone in 2020, but now The "high premium" market is not your priority. «Our goal is on mobile phones from 100 to 450 euros, our philosophy lies. Our biggest challenge is to be a competitor in this segment.«

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