Monday , September 27 2021

FromSoftware has two advanced games

President of FromSoftware found that the company is working on two new names.

According to 4Gamer (From Siliconera), the Japanese studio known by the FromSoftware president, Dark Souls, and the Bloodborne series works with two titles, which are still open to the public, and according to them Pretty "FromSoftware".

4Mamer Miyazaki remembers that the study "ranging from 2,5 lines to 3.5" and reminded the president of the question: "At that time, we had 3.5 ways to progress. 0.5 of them were Deraciné, and 1.0 – Sekiro "Miyazaki answered. "The remaining 2.0 are unpublished themes. Regarding Dark Souls Remastered or Metal Wolf Chaos XD, they are ordered by external companies and are therefore not considered part of the 3.5 network. «

Even though the president of FromSoftware refused to provide further information about these two mysterious projects, he noted that he would begin to make the news himself.

Could this be all new franchise? It would be great to go back to the Armored Core. Tell us what you need to see from FromSoftware soon.

Mike Reese is an IGN Latin American publisher. You will find it @Sol_Criva.

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