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Gorosito and Championship Definition: "We hope not to repeat the 94th match" | Football


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The 2018 National Championship will be very narrow. Universidad Catolica remains the leader with 55 points, but there are only two divisions in the University of Chile (53 points) and University de Concepción (52 points), so the final championship final ends in two days.

This year, another tournament that can fight for the title of "Cruzezers" and "Blues" was in 1994. In this championship, "U" scored 49 points, compared to the one in the second place in one of the heaviest memories of the UC.

And he suffered in the courtroom Néstor Raúl Gorosito. In the interview with La Tercera, the crews of "crusades" recalled their favorite catholic university once again for the current season, The Blues emphasized the remaining doubts..

"I knew only during the tournament, and then he talked and made it public. What about the Referee? Carlos Robles, I think the classical university has got a yellow color for three minutes, which is about 1.5 meters ahead of Salas. When I was with his father, Eduardo Freie, at age 94, "U""Pipo" explained.

Former UC player, He asked if there was arbitration to become Champion's Universiade ChampionHe drew attention to this "Of course there is no doubt. Although the team of U is a very good team, I know without difficulty, with the extra trainer, the judges are very scared. Al Beto scored a goal and stopped it, they took me to U, and in that game they did not give the offside to the goal and they achieved it. "

Exvolante adds this "I do not know how many penalties the tournament was. And what can you say against Kobresal in the last game, if he is absolutely shamedbecause otherwise, there will be a decisive match between the two universities. "

"Pipo" has been a lot of questions for Carlos Robles, "Robles is a very good referee After he has been charged against us and for their benefit, he is ashamed of me I or my colleagues. Even if the Disciplinary Court did not stop me, he sent me to U, but the judges did what they needed to do. "

Regarding this Catholic University in 1994, Gorozito said: "We took the lead bomber of the championship, we played a good game, we had a lot of tops … the team could not ask for more. Hopefully, it does not exist anymore, I think it would be too much. I hope that this championship will not repeat. He was one of the best teams I have ever played in my life.

In this regard, Pipo's campus "respects the Catholic history, always emphasizes the humiliation and the service. Keep away from me, for distraction, It's a UC but Barcelona has something to do recently ".

Finally, Beat San José & UC & # 39; When asked about what to do to avoid being scared, Gorosito says, "I think I have to see how the school works, and I would have to say it morally." Chances to leave the champions depend on us. " certainly They were the best team in the Chilean Championship because they started all the tournaments.

"I had to believe them, because it was purely pure and champions. If they have acted in these two games in accordance with their abilities, then they will celebrate this great year ", The "Cruseir" idol.

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