Saturday , June 19 2021

Greenpeace warned of the plastic "tsunami" on the shores of Chilean Patakonia

Shocking and Preventing Greenpeace described the current contamination scenario in the southern part of the country, especially in the Porvenir region of Tierra del Fuego. In the harbor, after the cleansing day, the balance of NGOs established a plenty of plastics, mostly found in Punta Arenas.

National Director of Greenpeace Chile Matis Asun described the situation in a very difficult situation. "When we went to the southern beaches of the world, we saw a disaster. We are convinced that this will not escape from the plastic flood we see in Chile, "said the manager.

On the Day of Purification at the Potter, Volunteers created a cadastre of pollutants on the beach. The results were very surprising: most of the wastes were Chinese labeled, proved to be a long way through the oceans of the plastics planet.

Mayor of Porvenir, Marisol Andrade and the same day, "is a feeling of emotions and sorrow, and it is very important that the public takes care of the environment, especially our coast. mainly to the waste from Punta Arenas. «

The day's organizers emphasized the importance of plenty of plastics producers to be responsible for such pollutants. "We want to know who is using the sea as a dump site, and we have a research group that analyzes the finds on Porvenir beaches," Asun said.

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