Tuesday , August 16 2022

Guardiola: Barcelona should play a crucial role in the Catalunya process


The Manchester City coach admits that "Spain is playing" that they "win over".

Pep Guardiola He lectured at the University of Liverpool, where he talked about the role of Barcelona and the political situation in Catalonia. For the trainer of the city, Barcelona said that Procés – Catalonia should play an important role in the sovereignty process.

What will happen if Catalonia's choice is played independently?

"Certainly, Barcelona has to play an important role, knowing that Barcelona was uncertain of what happened in Catalonia last year, but I know you are the president who is sometimes in office or the situation to handle. Sometimes it is not easy, but it does not exclude Barcelona's importance by defining our language and culture, "says the Catalan coach.

Barcelona in the Spanish league: "I think if Barcelona play or play in the Spanish league, at least. If a society decides, the solution can be found. But what is the final decision in the referendum? There is no way or no answer that people think best. «

Barcelona Catalunya flags

"Democracy does not vote at least once in four years; therefore, democracy must be maintained, you have to be active, active and present every day, watch the rulers, and partly the media, especially the public, because they are strong and people need to know and control it." .

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In politics, sports have strength and power: "Why can not public figures justify this? I mean when it comes to sport and politics. " A few years ago in Guinea Hiddink, Valencia trainers in Valencia stopped the match because they saw Nazi flags, but if they did not remove the fake swatches, they would not play, of course, they had used their power, but that's a very good thing.

He also visited Lledon's Prison when he visited some politicians in the Presidium: "I do not know whether the EU will do anything to ensure human rights. I am not a politician, I will never be, I am only a citizen and I know how things will end. Well, I hope that a few days ago I went to jail, saw prisoners, lectured. It was an interesting moment, and I saw how unfair they were to express their opinion … and they condemned them for 25 years. "

He admits he wants Spain to win when he plays for Spain: "If Spain play in Spain, I will win, and I have many friends in Spain, and my relationship with them is stronger than in other countries like England, Germany, Mexico or Qatar. I was a trainer in Spain and I want the best for them. "

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