Sunday , August 14 2022

Gymnastics lost in Argentine Cup penalty sanctions Sport


In recent days, it has not received one river. After the end of the finals, the "millionaires" were taken from Argentina's Gymnasium and Escrita de La Plateau.

Twice "Banda Sangre" had the advantage, Gonzalo Martinez (30 & # 39; s) and Lucas Pratt (48 & # 39; However, Lobo equaled Lorenzo Farawellli (34 & # 39;) and Santiago Silva (60 & # 39;).

Two tape They ended up with 10 players, By Ezquiel Bonifacio (40) and Javier Pino (51);

In penalties, The platinum team was 5-4, Jonathan Maydana after a failure.

Thus, students of Pedro Troglio defines the champion Competition at Rosario Center.

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