Saturday , June 3 2023

He confirmed the Hunt virus in the Higgins area


He was hospitalized seriously in Santiago. Infected form and location are unknown.

Fernando Ávila Figueroa

Healing is a series of illnesses that have occurred in Higgins and therefore increase in summer. One of them, Hunt virus, and healthcare sergeant Sergei Rafael Borgo, reported that the first season of the season and the record until 2018.

Seremi pointed out that the victim was from the Range district, which was confirmed by the public health institute, the fourth case of the year. 24-year-old young man, the first event of the summer season. The other three events were registered from January to March.

In the latter case, the patient reported that the patient was living in the Lo-Lobo sector and is currently investigating where he / she is infected because of being at home or at work. So on Friday, Seremi de Salud addresses their relatives and the environment to determine where they are infected.

A 24-year-old patient was admitted to the Thorac hospital in Santiago, where he remained severely ill.

Viral infected mice eliminate the virus by urine, stool and saliva, which is usually given to the person through respiration. The disease is spread by the saliva of the infected mice, pure or dry drops contaminated with urine or acid, or by breathing.

Do not pour out food or water contaminated with urine, stools or saliva from these rodents.

Keep in touch with infected mice or secretions (eg contact with mice, live or dead, bare hands, mice or their urine, saliva or direct contact with stool).

Touch any object stored in the virus (tools, utensils, furniture, clothing), and then drag your hand into your nose, eyes or mouth.

Viral Infection Replication.

There is no evidence that the virus can give insects, pets or livestock. According to Mindsal, although the transmission mechanism was unknown in Argentina, it was reported that a person could potentially be infected.
Respiratory tract infections occur in mysterious and mild areas and are rare in the open and exposed areas of the sun.

Preventive measures should be ventilated for 30 minutes before entering the closed space for a long time. Spread the floors and surfaces in water and chlorine after air. Then clean and wipe. Keep outdoors and warehouses out of the reach of the brush and trash. Ventilate the basements without any waste. Deepening and dumping of shelves and warehouses. Store food and water out of reach of the rodentants, and store them in a constantly airtight container. Do not allow rodents to come home. Do not kill foxes, snakes, and cats: they protect you from rodents.
Preventive measures to prevent diseases of the general population on camping and hiking are recommended for the selection of clean and free shrubs and pastures. Use the roof on the floor with a closed hole. Store the food in tight, closed containers. Do not leave pots and pans in the hands of the mice.
Just follow authorized roads. Do not go to shrubs and pastures. Do not store or consume wild fruits.
Store waste in closed containers, if necessary, to immerse it in water and drink only with clean water (drinking, packaging, cooked or disinfected).


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