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History of the man who built the spacecraft in 1657

Was the first characteristic of a car designed specifically for space travel in his book published in 1657?

It was a big box to accommodate the passenger, which was directed to the sunlight.

The hot air in the glass rose up and out through the tube at the top, and the lower air came into the air.

The aspiration for the cook, as the inventor showed, lifted the car up.

He described the flight:

«Suddenly I felt it's me trembling the stomach, like a man with a hoop.

I was planning to open the door to find out what that feeling was, but when I stretched out, I noticed that my tower was much lower than the hole in my box, and my little locks in the air fell under my feet and dropped into a tiny spot in Toulouse«

Even though it does not fully understand how vacuum-bearing movements work, it is striking that someone thinks about space travel in the mid-16th century.

It was the man who imagined the car Explore a new world far from Earth?

He was a Frenchman, whose name might be familiar: Cyrano de Bergerac.

But in 1990, this film is not about a big plot written by Gerard Depardieu and written in 1987 by Steve Martin in "Roxana".

Cyrano de Bergerac He was a man who lived in France in the seventeenth century.

His life, on the other hand, was more interesting than a romantic comedy.

The poet, the playwright, the thinker and the libertarians

His name was Seriano de Bergerac, Hercules-Savinien, and he did not really come from Bergerac, because he was a small peasant in the Parisian families at Gascony, and he gained a sophisticated reputation.

He was a warrior, player and duelist who retired from military operations in 1639, at the age of 20, for his injuries.

So he studied at the university and was well acquainted with his philosophical and scientific debate over his works.

He teaches many genres. He wrote plays that stole the scene of modern Moliere. There were political satires, and even a collection of fake love letters, which was filled with delightful taste for a fantastic fictional love that reflected their name.

But his most successful work was two books,Moon States and Empire«And its continuation»Solar state and empire«

In the short life of Sirano, none of them was published, but one of his friends published two years after his death in 1655.

Just like Thomas Moro's trip to Utopia or Gulliver, he meets the attackers of European civilization, in this case extreme people.

At the same time, Cyrano de Bergerac has left the scientific and technical heritage imagery on space flights.

When Galilee finds the moon

Traveling to the moon was not the original idea of ​​Cyrano.

From 1610, Galileo Galileo surprised his telescope with his little book describing what he had seen when turning his earthly satellite into Earth's natural land, so it was fun to go.

The moon, as the Italian scientist and Greek philosopher Aristotle said, is not a smooth and perfect space. It is like the world we are.

Galileo: "There are mountains and valleys, and in the shadow of the moon, when it is encountered."

They all talked about the new world of Galilee, and some writers regarded it as the second Christopher Columbus to open the new horizons.

Spanish on the Moon

The most famous magazine of Cirono is a book by an English scientist named Francis Godwin, who welcomed the new image of the universe represented by Galileo, because it is Bishop of Gerfill. not to contradict religious beliefs.

Godwin's book was titled "Man of the Moon" or "Man of the Moon." Your character is Spanish Domingo González, as well as in a wonderful way: Carrying on the flock of the wild goats who move between the Earth and the Moon.

From that moment on, the migration of such animals really did Nobody knew that there was no air in space.

But the Moon in Cyrano has a lot of imagination.

This traveler's traveler's customs and peculiarities of the societies he / she has found is our concern and investment, Because they are still voluntary.

This is a "ideology" that emerged through the struggle of ancient truths.

Irony and unknown

We do not have any details about the true Cyrano de Bergerac, but according to his books, he was ironic, not indifferent, but also clever and versatile.

Moreover, Cyrano's daring hero is probably a portrait because his name is actually anagram: Dirконa.

Drodo creates his first boat bottled bottles, based on the idea of ​​evaporation, because it is attracted by sunlight. This plan fails and crashes in Canada.

However, thanks to the lovely supportive power of the Moon and Moon, he controls the Moon, which Dronne wiped out for their healing.

But it is it is like a purely medieval rhyming, which makes the time unspecified.

Natural philosophers did not understand the nature of nature.

For example, the mysterious force that led the compass northward proved that the earth itself was a magnet: It is a very clever idea that has become a reality.

These scientists lost the gravity of magnetism.

Then, of course, the moon does not bone, but the other invisible forces of nature seem so fantastic and surprising, but there was nothing to look at.

An invitation to the saints

While traveling, Drono often engages in philosophical debates about other ideas about scientific ideas.

In Canada, he knows the reputation of the sun, as Aristotle states, is in the center of the universe, or that Galileo demands.

The same vacuum spacecraft that Dhron used to go to the Sun I protested against the idea of ​​Aristotle it was impossible in empty nature, at that time the problem caused strong arguments among natural philosophers.

The idea to the moon was given to Dircon Domingo González was the hero of the former book of Francis Godwin, which is an awesome fragment of meta-reportage – a kind of masculine animal managing the Moon.

González acknowledges Darco, who left the Earth desperate The Spanish Inquisition repressed their Aristotle's point of view.

Crazy snowflakes

When Drrozo returns to the Earth, he writes, "The Empire of the Moon and Empire," and writes that he is a magician, so he leaves in a free bottle to go to the sunrise and empires, "he says," it looks like a flame of fire. "

This is a beautiful place – find out that people are the place to go after death on the earth.

And although many souls are united with the sun, the philosophers' survival. In the last sentence of the second book, which Cyrano de Bergerac could never end, Dhrono began a dialogue with one of the most famous philosophers.

"There are many things in his books that we read about,How Modern!"But then they are dangerous," says Mary Bean Campbell, of the University of Massachusetts in Massachusetts.

"At that time, people were interested in gravity because they wanted to leave the planet, but I knew there was something that was not allowed.

"Some of the techniques that Cyrano Drago have invented are ridiculous – like spores drops – like others the ship propellera by rockets he walked down the stairs and denied the burned parts, so we made it into something that is now working.

At the same time, as Dronon has a quarter of a journey to reach Moon, there are surprising data, and warns of it. mathematical accuracy, which is very interesting because the Earth's gravity is not unique and other organs can use it.

"But I want to say this in writing once more, maybe the Earth was not the center of the universe.

Today's style annotation surprises us and surprises us, but when it's dangerous. «

However, Cyrano de Bergerac did not die for his ideas.

He was the victim of an empty phenomenon at the age of 36.

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