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HIV: "Why not worry about my boyfriend having a virus?" – BBC News


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Maksim is HIV positive, not Alex. They talked together two years before learning about Maxim's life.

Both people have shown that HIV infection does not transmit HIV to sexually transmitted infections after effective treatment.

These spouses have tested their history for BBC 5 and urged them to eliminate some of the stigma that still exists.


"I was 24 years old when I discovered the HIV episode. FWhat a blow, hit the stomach. When they told me, I started to cry. I did not know what to do. Should I go back to work or take a break in my life? Should I tell someone? How do I find my boyfriend now?

The nurse in the clinic gave me the results and they hugged me and said, "Do not worry, everything will be fine."

I have always found it early, and I found it at an early stage, it was a good news because it was so good that the treatment started sooner.

HIV treatment Reduces the size of the virus at unspecified levels of blood. This means that during sexual intercourse, you can not even transmit a virus without a condom.

It is very easy to get the necessary medicines:only I need one tablet per day in the evening. Patients with Type 1 diabetes require four or five injections per day.

Being HIV-infected is physically more reasonable than I am: I feel when others need to talk about my illness.

My diagnosis was told to my close friends and family. Most of them answered perfectly well, but all supported me.

One friend, a teacher for me, tells me: "Frankly speaking, I would not have sex with a HIV-infected person. I do not always know that they are taking medication.

To avoid associating with people like myself, I considered HIV as "negligent" and "responsible".

This approach emerged in the 1980s when HIV was examined personal neglect or death penalty. People associate HIV / AIDS with people who are HIV-positive or AIDS patients at the Sacred Diana Hospital.

Alex (left), Max (right)
Couples have had a relationship for two years.

Many people have refused to touch HIV-infected people. But today, we expect that people living with HIV will live like any other human being.

The reactions of my mentor made me very impressed. I started to panic. I've never seen them before, but I did not breathe. I could not go away.

Soon after I learned that Alex was living with HIV, I soon learned about it. We were two academics, we were interested in sexual and sexual matters, so there was a connection. She knew I was HIV-positive, so I did not say it.

At what moment I'm sure We stop using condoms while maintaining relationships sexuality I did not see it with depression, but I felt compelled to use condoms to make me feel better.

Last year we participated in the study Colleague, which showed that it was dominant people There may be sexual intercourse with HIV condoms and do not go the virus if they are treated correctly.

In my opinion, if there are so many people knowing about it, the fear and stigma about HIV will be much smaller, and nobody will deny testing.

Methods of treatment of HIV

• Antiretroviral drugs that cure the recurrence of the HIV virus.

• Then the amount of blood in the blood is measured to see how well the treatment works.

• It can take up to six months to detect the viral load.

• People who have an effective treatment to fight HIV and who have a viral load for six months or more can not send viruses through sex.

• NHS, British health care, condom promotion, and the most effective way to combat sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

About Alex

Alex Max is confident that he will take his medicine because his health depends on him.

"My first impression was Maxim he was confident in himself.

I met her at a political conference in the Green Party of the United Kingdom. I was with a group of young homosexuals – we threaten the team – even when it comes to "Hello."

I found this When I met her I was HIV-positive, when he posted a photo with his medicine on the status of his Facebook.

One of the reasons I was involved was that he was open to discussing the existence of HIV. I have always refused to abstain from her faith and social pressures.

She also spent part of her time and emotional energy, trying to help others, even though she was diagnosed with the diagnosis.

We met in a few months after the conference, and everything started.

Max and Alex.
Max and Alex have been in a relationship for two years.

No I was scaredrightabsolutely not. On the contrary, when I was diagnosed I knew that I had abandoned other people.

Without condom, I did not worry about the HIV infection I knew that my friend had taken medication.

I fully trust him. Some people say that people with a virus can not take their medication, but that's just scary. If you live HIV, Your health depends on your acceptance of this tablet every day. It is not something to forget.

I did not say to my whole family that Maxim was HIV-infected, and I think it's important.

I told my parents before going to dinner, but only because he did not want to have his platter for dinner.

Unfortunately, he did not say good about it HIV may not be disseminated. Many people suffer from stigma surrounding the disease.

People's opinions about HIV have long been closed. Changes need to be changed. «

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