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How does the new Star Wars movie work when Princess Leia dies?


How does the new Star Wars movie work when Princess Leia dies?

Carey Fischer.

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However, it has been confirmed that it is bad Carey Fischer At the end of 2016, through the scene of several scenes to tragic death, the third and final section of the new trilogy will appear. «Star Wars», there is no one involved in this so-called production The IX Series, which will go to theaters in December next year, he was forced to make a clear statement of the destiny expected by the charismatic singer's life: at that time the princess and now the general Leia Organa

However, despite the fact that he tried to do without showing important details about the plot, Gothem actor Oskar Isaac, Gee Dameron At this stage, Galaxy did not have any qualifications in the history of the filmmaker's decision-making. J.J. Abrams in spite of the hero's applause, tried to say that he was emotionally and, most likely, "beautiful".

«The film has a beautiful character made by Carrie and is sure to be part of her story. Carey was so excited to talk with us about Lia. It was very difficult to identify the truth, "says the translator at the interview on" The Daily Beast "on the mixed emotions coming from the anticipated film.

In addition to the use of this supplementary material left in the appropriate sequence of VII and VIII episodes, close eyes Lucasfilm they warned that a few months ago, the filmmaker could have the effect of being at the end of the movie & # 39; Rogue One & # 39 ;, From the franchise-enhanced home-to-CGI-Computer Generated Images technology, the role played by Leia in English was reduced to as great as possible: the option was, however, not their managers never confirmed.

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