Friday , June 9 2023

"I demand legal recognition, no money is needed"


Alvaro Salas he must face a new demand for fatherhood, now his daughter is a legitimate daughter of a comedian.

During a conversation with La Mañana, he showed that the commander was not recognized "This topic has never been"But recently it has begun" Soledad Rodriguez "and Matis, the son of Salas, who" opened his eyes ".

Paolo remembered Salas's participation in his mother's pregnancy, but he married. "He always took pensions. He was physically lost.

"In economic terms, this has always helped me, I can not say anything. However, as I met another Álvaro Salas, she broke me. I've always been one of the women who say "moon, pope, brain pope" and this is my acceptance, but it has never happenedhe said.

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He also repeatedly asked to be recognized as legitimate, but could not identify him in different circumstances.

With regard to the application, Paola said:I am afraid of his reaction. Calling the phone and speaking badly to me or giving me a tough answer will affect me«

«I just want to recognize the law, there is nothing. I do not want to borrow money"He was convicted.

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