Tuesday , August 16 2022

"I do not think Higgins will play well with the invitation of Arjenjibia"


Jose Pedro Fuencalie He was convinced that he had achieved it The victory at the famous door to the Catholic University & Higgins.

One of the issues that we have to focus on on the very last day is the pronunciation of words Francisco Aranichi, who formerly called his colleagues Higgins Help the Chilean University.

"I think the player must be encouraged to play this candle. I know in Higgins that they are proving themselves. They play a chance to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana. I do not think the team will play well because another player from another team is calling them, "he said.

On the other hand, attacking captain He acknowledged that he did not put more pressure on the results of the tournament, and they had the first chance to win.

"Pressure will be given throughout the year. Almost all of the tournament is not the tournament. Last but not least, we have the option to detect it, but we have the first version. It's obvious that we depend on ourselves, the rest depends on what we do, "he said.

"All the teams were high and low, but I'm not going to make a scripts, not a different championship. We are so close. The most important thing is to overcome the rest. This effort was important during the year, "he said.

Other sentences

Experienced: "Besides the players in the experiment, they need good coaches, which means that the coach can serve the end of the tournament."

Distance: "We would have a long distance. However, we will be the leader at the end of 28 days. But we do not think about the lost games. "

San Carlos Champion? "The best thing is to become a champion, where it is not important. This is our goal, we want to take this cup. "

Definition of the rest: "This type of championship is defined and simultaneously played, but we think only about ourselves, not about the others."

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