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"I think an unstable lifestyle leads to obesity in Magallan."


Lobesity is still a problem for the country and, above all, a problemo
For the Magallanes region. A new report was opened this week
Published for the United Nations
Food and Agriculture (FAO) assessed Chile as a country
In South America, obesity is high in women.

"Panorama of food and nutrition in America
Latina and the Caribbean 2018 "31% of women are over 18 years old
this situation is a situation.

The study found that men's obesity level in Chile was more South America is second with 24.9%.

the latest national health survey data
In 2016-2017, more than 13.6% of children under six years in Magaland
they show obesity and the situation is observed in people aged 14-64 years
Increased by 32.3%.

Regional Opinions

This is Magallanes Ministry of Health, Mariel Rozhas, "It is
Obesity is not only a woman's, but also a regional, national problem
but also the most important thing for men and boys.

As a politician
we are working on several fronts and we hope to believe it
good results, but they are not fast because they are a
cultural change, especially in living and living conditions
Food, in my opinion, is a way of life – it promotes us
Obesity. «

the other part of the Magallanes, a network consultant
Associate physician Luis Castillo says "obesity is
The problem of Chile is not only for women, but also for men
obesity, childhood obesity is a very important issue and overweight
as well as this is an integral approach that we can solve
cross section, not only in terms of health, but also
educational and physical exercises. "

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