Sunday , June 20 2021

Ikkiik still captures the stormy wave

After the hurricane storms can always come out of the sun, except the beautiful Michelle, the mighty Pablo Sanchez.

After unemployment after the semester, "Vitamin" was not like a decent vacation, giving it a chance to return to a record-breaking time in northern Canada.

Yesterday, Icyke, 2019, left 45-year-old Rosario Louis Lewis, a new strategist.


It has opened the window "Everlasting", because of the bad rain for Sanchez, but also for the deliberate rainfall in clothing that has accused some toys of losing some of the famous clothing codes, clean the damaged image.

At that time, when the back side changed its name, "Vitamin" left the table in its final state. In the first 15 days of the last tournament, the balance did not like 10 points, three points and only two victories.

"Sanchez has featured in Chile's major football games, where he has come up with an outstanding style of play and classifies them into three groups: the Universidad de Conpepon, Higgins and Anthony de Villanueva," he said. "Boss" in his greetings from the North to a new leader.

With this task, Vitamin will include his seventh club after Banfield, Rosario Central, Oriente Petrolero, Universidad de Concepción, Higgins and Everton.

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