Monday , June 14 2021

In the energy-rich diet and breastfeeding, high caloric intake is adapted to obesity

Madrid, 5 (EUROPA PRESS)

It is rich in energy with high calorie and very appetizing ingredients that predispose obesity and metabolic changes in adults during lactation, as it is a delicious, so-called "cafeteria" -definition of a meze diet. Center for biomedical research in thematic area of ​​Animal Science and Physiopathology of Nutrition (CIBEROBN).

Anesthetic diet is much more than those of obesity. In particular, the results of the Catalina Amadora Pomar Thesis shows that these descendants have a large body weight, including changes in glucose homeostasis, hyperpetaminemia, lipid profile changes, and behavioral changes. rotating free fatty acids.

These metabolic changes coincide with the phenotype called "pseudo-thin" if not associated with increased body weight. This phenotype may be associated with changes in the milk composition of mothers fed cafeteria diets during lactation.

At the same time, it is related to maternal perception of anaphylaxis diarrhea, rotational profile of triglycerides and certain microorganisms in breast milk rather than maternal diet.

On the other hand, the thesis provides the possibility of early signs of metabolic changes in acylcarnitrins and amino acids in nutrition and nutrition. His sensitivity to the development of metabolic diseases in adult life is predictable.

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