Tuesday , August 16 2022

In the Las Condes and La Reina water, unpleasant odors arise from chemical wastes


The High complexity office the worst odor ever recorded in Las Condes and La Reina drinking water in March last year, Company Unisan Aguas Andinas dumped chemical toilets in three ponds that will provide Communists.

For this reason, fiscal Constanza Encina decided three workers for committing a crime against the health of the population he would make this violation.

As reported The third prime ministerduring the investigation the defendants had to remove the waste from the Municipal Park Providencia, Located in La Reina, La Farfana sewage treatment plant, In the city of maipuHowever, they decided to deviate from the road and throw rubbish near the Intercommunal Park, which was captured by security cameras.

The event was registered on March 19 at least 30 people had to go to social services for infectious diseases caused by strong gastrointestinal tract and water consumption.

Once you know this information Mayor of Las Condes, Joaquín Lavín, as indicated in his Twitter account, this fact is "very important", so "we act legally« because «There are people who have alcohol«

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