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In the latter darkness, Stan Lee fought with his real wicked men


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Marvel's legendary people, Stan Lee, A 95-year-old man has died and his "dark days" after his wife's death.

Stan's wife, Joan Li, and died on July 6, 2017 at the age of 95. This is related to the husband, his wife, husband, the person who is close to the comic book, in the complete disaster and in the dark, Daily Mail reports.

According to the podcast, called "The Scandal: World." Stan Lee: his battle in his real life fights with characters and evil people, "Lee said, swinging her around the circular door of the" fantasies and snakes "before leaving alone.

CNN veterans are the podcast made by the entertainment reporter Alan Dyuk, Who was a close friend of Lee and saw a large part of his life, offering a series of personal audio papers and interviews with his inner circle.

Duke told DailyMailTV that he had originally worked on the substation "Save" Stan Lee: The legend for "Heroes for the Time" before his death. After the tragic death of Marvel, he had to change things.

"The worst thing in the world Stan Lee Joan died when his wife died. He was his protector, the closest advisor, and his love, and he did not want to go on any further, "says Duke.

"I want people to deal with Stan, I know what's going on in the world Stan Lee In recent years, he has been confronted with any history that he has with the Thriller gameplay, his character and his contributions. Despite the fact that we do not have bloodshed, we have some epic battles. The life of the station changed after the death of his wife Joan all the chaos of the past year, which made me sad, "he said.

According to Duke, Stan has a "tone" of his own words, photos and videos, his photographs and stories, which the fans can help to understand what is going on in the Li world.

Max AndersonThe former manager of Lee's career, Duke, said, "I learned about it one day … it lost control over me."

"In recent years, I spent the night with him, especially when his wife died, and I was almost everyday from morning till midnight, when a man lost his partner at the age of 70. Never imagine that it was too heavy, very difficult, and I could do all that I could to keep it I tried to do it, sometimes she worked, and sometimes I needed a cry. I lost my will to live. It was with Joanee, "he said.

Anderson Lee said that he was deeply upset when he died, and wanted to be with him.

"It just does not make sense, I did not want to do anything, it was all about it," he said.

"What he was doing was his fans, they really changed him, they fed him with the energy that he needed, the lack of love from Joan and his support from fans. this time he left him alive.

After a dispute between Lee's loyalists and Lee's lawyer, Tom Lalas, Anderson's last seen Li in February of this year, and his property was succeeded.

"Lee was close to strangers," he said.

Anderson says that new people close to Li have tried to separate him from the world.

"I did not know how to call people, and I did not know how to go," he said.

"It's a sad day for the world, but she's happy with her," he said.

Another close friend and consultant, Lee, is a businessman Kay Morgan, Duke Lee, a former NYC salesman, says he hopes to join John.

"I know just how he wants to see my beloved wife Joan and know how he is going to live, he probably has a guy here right now, so he's in a hurry, he's always joking."

According to Morgan, Lee has never had a sense of humor, even though it is all the artificial and life-threatening snakes in his life.

"I am very grateful to know him, and I hope he will dwell in heaven with Joan, drank tea, laugh and dance. I will forfeit him forever."

Duke Lee's former business and asset manager Brad Herman and one of Lee's former business managers, Lee Lee, in 1990.

Paul replies: "Of course, the relationship between two (Lee and his wife) was so special and deeply entrenched that he was impressed by his emotional and intellectual support, doing what he wanted to write characters and stories, changed. «

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