Thursday , August 18 2022



The National Institute for Human Rights (INDH), in a letter and Collipulli warranty, said Camilo Catrillanca had succumbed to one of those used by Carabineros.

According to La Terkera, ICR observers are open to the motorway complex on November 14th, in accordance with the lawsuit, "injuries, head (spear) The bullet that comes to the head on the head is called" lead case ". It corresponds to the weapon used by Karabineros«

Agency requirements for crime qualified assassination against Catrillanca, simple killing Including the victim who has caused the death of a child under the age of 15 and that he had interfered with the investigation Responsible for all people.

Investigations were interrupted by what kind of police officers, including the Interior Minister Andre Chadwick and General Director of Carabineros Hermes Soto, had a smile on the map, and erased the sexual images to protect his wife.

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