Friday , August 19 2022

Instagram's new design lags behind your followers


A few hours ago Instagram has announced that its platform will be subject to several changes in its appearance, see what the new design will look like.

According to the Social Network statement, the changes will be very clear as followers and accounts will be left to pay more attention to users:

"We're working on these changes, and in the weeks ahead we start testing them in several phases and in different combinations in our community. We retrieve and update our experience when we receive feedback. "

This means that these items are smaller and allow you to send directions, send e-mails, write e-mail, search for directions, or start a the same time The title and profile picture will be replaced, because instead of positioning left (if you look straight ahead), they will be on the right.

This reconstruction will be added to the list of changes Instagram has made, as soon as it has been all deleted remotely fraudulent reports that increase the number of followers and likes of third parties.

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What do you think about these changes, whether they are like them or not?

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