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Intercity Tariffs: Claro, Wom and VTR support the government but Entel questions


Subtel justified a 80% reduction. "WhatsApp does not justify the voice loss per minute," he said.

The mobile phone industry will be intensifying in the next few weeks. On Monday, the government proposed to set tariffs for the sector to be controlled between 2019 and 2024: it offered more than 80% drop in access fees.

Of course Wom and VTR (pupils) came to support power. But Entel (this is a priority with Movistar) asked for this offer.

Gloria Hatt, Minister of Transport and Communications, said: "The government wants the costs to be met with new technologies."

According to the law, the subscriber fee is the second attempt to stop calling the network – once every five years and the final process will decrease by 73%. The average daily rate is $ 8.76 per minute.

In the current process, Subtel has introduced a 4G network to a model company, offering an average earning rate of $ 1.36 per minute, with a series of other indicators determined by an effective company. it tries to increase competition.

Entel has introduced the 4G network only to the model company, but not with older systems (3G and 2G).

"Today, technology in the country is 4G, with more than 10 million people using 3G in Chile, and Subtel offers no technology." Signature Manuel Araia.

According to him, the proposed network does not correspond to current and future demand on mobile telephony, which impedes the proper service of all consumers.

Nevertheless, Pamela Gidi, a telecommunications consultant, was seriously concerned about this offer.

"There is no technical or economic feasibility for WhatsApp or email at a single minute. Therefore, we think that our existing offer of payments, like Subtel, must comply with international standards, and voice is already considered as additional information, "he said.

Claro Chile's Legal and Regulatory Affairs Director, Christian Salgado, said: "The 4G network is a technically appropriate technology that can offer any effective model."

Similarly, VTR assessed the technical "reliability" of this proposal. Miguel Anonte, vice president of the company's legal and corporate affairs, has supported the decision of the authorities, as he recognizes the technical and economic viability of the market.

"It is important for reducing competitiveness and tariffs in the industry, which justifies a significant reduction in the availability of payment," he said.

While Wom has pointed out the proposal, Director of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Felipe Simonson points out lower accessibility.

"This will bring more profit to competition and consumers," he said.

Movistar has avoided the statements.

After the Government has submitted its proposals, companies have a five-day deadline for Subtel to file a Transaction Report (IMI).

The idea is that the company using the resource is referred to the expert commission, the process proposed by the expert, the consultant names another and together with the third party.

Their opinions are not necessarily important, but they take into account the usual differences, taking into consideration the reputation of the people who make them. If the company is not satisfied, you can contact an observer.

The Sub-plan's plan is intended to be ready by the end of January 2019.

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