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INYM has organized the first Health and Health Day celebration in Chile


POSADAS, MIONEES NICE TAX Health professionals from the local "Yerba Mate" Institute (INYM) (November 22, 2018) will be present at Vitacura city of Santiago de Chile in the health and wellness of "Zhirnada" and "Health" of "Vinolia-2013" and here are diabetes, cholesterol and metabolic diseases, such as weight loss, to examine the functional properties and protective effects of infusion. biophysicist Rafael Perez Elisalde and Dr. Elio Soria.

The event included dozens of private clinics, including clinics in Santiago Alme and Clinic Las Condes, as well as dietology from other institutions, thus recognizing the benefits of land use in this millennium, and their counterparts in their treatment and overweight control of their metabolic diseases, He knew how to show.

Speakers had a positive impact on cardiometabolic risk of diarrhea, diabetes and overweight. They also broke myths about the risk of breast-feeding and their effects on her blood pressure and gastric ulcer.

"In Mendoza, we did a lot of work to replace two liters of water and make a meal with two liters of juice and reduce weight. Two or three specific scientific reasons. One of them is that it affects the central nervous system and reduces appetite – usually when one spouse is not hungry, and the other is to help eliminate the fat that is added to the diet, it is important to integrate with the adjuvant, "says Dr. Pérez.

A biochemist at the Maza University in Argentina has presented a number of researches at Mendoza University, where about one and half liters per day is due to diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia. In one of the studies, a significant decrease in triglycerides and total cholesterol was checked using daily meals 50-100g.

This discovery is very important in endocrinology. Dr. Veronica Meric, an endocrinologist at Las Condes Clinic.

"I thought Chile was a well-known and studied subject in medicine; and its effect is a healthy lifestyle, "says Meric.

Additionally, Elio Soria conducted a negative study showing that the substance absorbing extract has shown that it can alter cell metabolism of spleen cells to increase toxicity in water that we consume.

Additionally, they have been proven scientifically by the consumer as having a serotonin – for example, chocolate consumption – for the entry into the list of groundbreaking happy foods. In addition, high concentrations of polyphenols have high antioxidant power and cellular protection.

Dr. Sori said many things about medical careers are related to pathologies and their treatment, as well as health protection through preventive and herbal medicine. Medical students who come in these ways give a positive assessment of the effect of Argentinean specialists.

"In my opinion, our country should be able to benefit from the marriage. As a student, I think it's important to work out a problem in high schools, at medical seminars, because there is something that still does not know about the benefits of this herb, "said Laura Hinrichs, a medical expert at the Pontificia Universidad Catilica de Chile.

Church consumption in Chile is in the hands of city consumption, sports and sport in recent years. By 2017, imports have grown by 20%, and currently the neighboring country is one of the major export markets in Argentina, Argentina, which is about $ 4 million a year. It is about a kilo market that is primarily a partner in the region.

However, myths about ignorance about its benefits and its possible effects still remain. People who still think that a consumer may have an impact on their spouse may endanger the child in pregnancy or lactation or may cause acidity due to a lack of information in the national context. In this regard, INYM has been implementing a range of activities for the formation of more knowledge about food and the inclusion of its customers, including the first and the Day of the Lord's Day.

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