Monday , June 5 2023

It provides hope for patients with heart disease who can repair the heart of the Mexican fish


Oxford University scientists are able to refresh their fishes in Mexico and conduct investigations. it shows that the person has a great ability. The results of a new study published in Cell Reports give hope to positive changes in the lives of patients suffering from heart attacks, researchers say.

To reach this conclusion, Prof. Dr. Matilda Mommersstraet studied two types of Tetra Mexican fish – a group of scientists. The Astyanax mexicanus, living on the river and it shows a beautiful color that can heal your heart, and the second subtype fill the cave water Pachon and he is famous Blind tetra, which did not lose its color and appearance, did not lose its characteristics that did not serve him in the darkness of the cave, but could not repair the heart tone.

Researchers' research They compared the genetic profiles of the two types of tetra fish and identified three areas in their genome for the possibility of recovering damaged heart tissue.

Then, after comparing the behavior of these genes to the blind after cardiac arrest and cardiac injury, scientists have discovered that only the first two genes have been activated lrrc10 (also available in humans) and cawololin.

In addition, previous studies in mice showed that lrrc10 was associated with cardiac cardiomyopathy due to cardiac state, which has a chronic increase in the heart and can not bleed. The result of subsequent studies lrrc10 plays an important role in the narrowing and expansion of the heart cells.

In order to confirm that the affected heart tissue is involved, new researchers have become zebra, which is another type of fresh water that has the ability to regenerate tissue like tetra fishes. if necessary. Scientists could not effectively repair heart damage by closing the zebrabric lrrc10 gene.

In the future, the research team hopes to learn more about the mechanism of regeneration of the tissue and to exploit this knowledge in people who encounter problems with this organ, such as heart failure.

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