Monday , September 27 2021

Kopa to think about America: Chile goes to Lima for Peru to "return to their vengeance" Football

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Cristobal Escobar | UN agency

He wants to get angry. The Chilean football team would be "close" to the fact that it was in front of an important preparatory duo American Cup next year.

About this Peru, The opponent from 3 to 0 in La Roja, Miami, last October, made it difficult for Raindo Rute to dominate.

According to the El Líbero version of the Peru sports newspaper, the negotiations will take a good turn and there will be only a few things to close.

"The National Council held talks with its colleagues from Chile to discuss a new friendship Success of the last duel in Miami in October ended 3-0 in favor of a blanketrease, "said the funds.

In particular, the publication reflects this contradiction it will be in June, The last FIFA competition in Brazil before the continental tournament.

"Argentina is in Europe and there is a view to resisting them Together with Chile, he will play at the National Stadium Lima, "he said.

In the event of a good deal of negotiations, Peru considers Colombia as a "Plan of B".

We have to remember that on the side of Chile ANFP has clashed with Mexico and the United States March.

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