Monday , September 27 2021

La Fe has developed a new method for controlling adolescents' idiopathic scoliosis

VALÈNCIA (EFE). University Hospital Spin Cell Division Trust In Valencia, a "innovative method" was developed to monitor children's deformity and to diagnose idiopathic scoliosis without the use of X-rays.

You can know the amount of deformation by using the usual ultrasonic and "smartphone" and using the horizontal processes as a reference, with the least expense and special devices, "software" or ionizing radiation. said in a statement General provisions in the statement.

Experts believe that adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is a deformation of the spine that requires surgical treatment when the time has elapsed and when it reaches a certain amount of time.

If you do not interfere, change in development, heart function, lung function and so on. so that "every six months a radiography is required".

When dealing with children, this frequency of X-ray use increases the risk of breast cancer in other adult-grown adults.

Currently, diagnosis and post-diagnosis There are other complicated devices that stabilize with 30×90 radiography and use ultrasound, but their high pricing makes them inexperienced in real practice.

The system developed in "La Fe" is "the first specialist to control the deformation with the usual ultrasonic and telephony, which can give all the control specialists without ionizing radiation."

The method is being experimentally used to increase the number of centers for the safety of its use, but in the present research, this method is reproductive and very effective. "

It appears to be effective in adolescents' idiopathic scoliosis and is effective in patients aged between 8 and 20 who have diagnosed this type of scoliosis and who do not meet surgical criteria, in most cases recurrent.

More than 500 thousand patients with idiopathic scoliosis in adolescence

In Vegas, Valencia, more than 500 adolescents have idiopathic scoliosis patients who range from 9 to 20 years, about 5% of the disease spread.

According to this data, researchers believe that more than 2,000 pediatric patients per year can benefit from this technique and subsequently benefit.

The method developed by a physician Joan Ferrass took the first place Whitecloud Award is the main scientific article.

He is engaged in awards given in the Basic Research Section Scientific Society of Scoliosis in the field of diagnostics, molecular technology and new technologies.

The Spanish team won this award for the first time Scientific Society of Scoliosis, At IMAST International Congress in Los Angeles, one of the most prestigious spinal cord diseases in the spinal cord, and La Fe offers competing with hospitals in more than 15 countries.

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