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Living with HIV in Chile: People have been diagnosed with HIV

Chile is a registered country Increase in HIV cases, a fact that criticizes the effectiveness of preventive campaigns.

But it's almost out of preventive methods 70 million people have a virus in ChileUnited Nations HIV / AIDS Program (UNAIDS).

Genesis González and Williams Morales he said CNN Chile how we live with HIV in our country.

"I'm not a normal girl"

Gensalis bought a Gonzalez infected mother for one year before buying her mother blood transfusion In 1996, both of them accepted what was missing 40 years ago.

"For me, living with HIV is nothing. It's a zero-negative person every day, and it's zero for me because my life is normal and I finish my career, "he says.

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Genesis studies gastronomy and will be practiced in Spain for the next few days. In the suitcase, he accepts the treatment he has received since his birth and has not always liked it.

«I am not a normal girl. I could not go to my friend's pygmy because I had to cure in the morning and afternoon. It was the worst day of mine for me, "she says.

Removed from school

"There was no medicine at that time. I do not know whether it will be happy or a magic of life, but I'm a minor, and when I got out of drugs, I was in the front line, "says Williams Morales.

Williams lives in the town of Chiloe, which is the most difficult thing for him and for him to deal with the side effects of treatment, but more HIV discrimination.

«I'm out of school, my friends have finishedI'm not a minor, I did not know what happened. What has recently been said about AIDS in Chile, "he said.

"I think they have experimented with me. I had some brutal relationships with hospital officials I have to ask for my high level"he says.

Importance of treatment

Today, Genesis and Williams are good and have been used to prevent the virus from abandoning the immune system, but this struggle has never been easier.

For example, Genesis has undergone 3 different treatments, one of which has caused allergies. «Like a doctor's rats, it's scary because I do not know what to do or what it does not do, "he says.

Even though it is difficult to find the right medicine, there is a major reason to achieve it. Experts say that if a person has a permanent and stable treatment, does not send viruses to others.

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The creature went to Spain and hoped to find a society with fewer HIV infections. William continues in Chile, struggling with his rights and waiting for his feelings.

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