Wednesday , May 18 2022

Lord and Natalie Peluso are two guards at the Wildlife Festival in Chile


New Zealand is the first façade of Santiago in the world that has until now confirmed it as a casual and unbelievable pop diva, while Argentinean Natie Peluso has confirmed the sweetness of his heart, hip-hop, rhythm and blues juice. night city independence.

At the Eclectic Santiago Festival, he also became the Death Cab For Cutie, Drive-In and MGMT dance and space racing hardcore.

Lord Elliah-Connor, the name of Lord, starred in the world for 22 years, has a total of 758 million viewers on YouTube, and today Broadway Space, on the edge of the capital of Chile, hosted a festival.

The Lord shut down the main stage and Santiago's night was cold and then healed the main music, the skeleton, and the emotional depth.

The New Zealanders have several scenic artifacts – a few candles and a few dancers and dancers – you can become a pop diva, and at the same time, you can enjoy the listening habits, such as "Royals", "Responsibility" or "Green Light," " a person who shows a lot of passion in action.

In a small period, even in the latter part of the day, Nati Peluso presented it to the people who saw the cross-country style designer as a decorative town.

Her melodies have black roots and branches, such as surrealism and street tactics, her words and methods of interpreting them, and her impressions.

Nati Peluso, wearing net and woolen yellow and yellow phosphorite, found a public offer for the songs such as "Korese", "Gimme Pizza" or "Esmeralda".

The fauna of Bena Gibbard and his Cutie For Death Cab For, also sounded in Primavera, also produces an industrial pop that searches for popular music.

Bellamm has seen a part of their extensive discography at a conceptual concert based on exciting themes, the album's own album titled "Transatlanticism" (2003), which renders its famous album or classic. "Title and registration" or "New Year."

In the large posters of the festival festival artists, the heroine Javiera Mena in Chile and their electropopes, Indian veterans of the 1990s or the Warpaint psychology, also became a southern classic spring.

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