Friday , June 18 2021

Lucia Hiriarò de Pinochet lost the status of Conchalí's "celebrity daughter" by the Council of the Municipal Council

The municipal council of the city of Konchalinsk decided to abolish the decree No. 350 of September 1, 1983 which unanimously declared the first lady of the republic, Lucia Hiriavor, as the "prominent daughter" of the commune.

The decision to abstain from the recognition of Hiriat became the decision of the communist party's adviser, Grace Arcos, who was then satisfied with the decision of the municipality's college body.

"This initiative from the community, especially its neighbor, was quickly answered by the council. This situation could not be avoided because, as I have stated in my vote, the son or daughter should be in possession of those who are confident in the value of our community, "said the mayor.

The "prominent girl" awarded to Lucia Hiriário is CEMA, associated with working as president of Chile and at the same time celebrating the 10th anniversary of the revolution.

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