Saturday , June 3 2023

Maluma breaks her musical career: "I have to feed my soul"


Fans News: Reggaetón singer Maluma has announced a break in her music career. True, the voice of voices such as "The Fourth Lucky" decided to break a break after the South American tour.

He noted through his social network, in particular, that in one of his official statements in Instagram, he was linked to "spiritual" reasons.

"Thank you all for having a wonderful time," he explained, "then I want some peace, I need to feed my soul."

"I need some time for Juan Luis (his genuine name Juan Luis Londoeno), he has to think, think, yoga, pray, and feed his soul," he said.

"This week, I will concentrate on my job, and I think it's necessary, and I'm going to report periodically."

Hundreds of thousands of followers have come up with the news, and some 800,000 liked the final photograph that some have "always been ready to save time".

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