Wednesday , October 5 2022

Mapuche condemns the health of Araucanía Sur for bad administration


Nueva Imperial Association It is well managed by Arachkhaniya – wellness center, three years ago, Masukha assured him that he had removed the space used in medicine.

Since 2015, they believe they are unable to resume the management of this space, the beginning of which in 2006, when the city's cultural hospitals were opened.

Daniel Melilllan, president of this association, asserted that it was intended to use Mapuche's medicine each month they treated about 1,500 patients in the coverage area, and currently its activities are maintained under the basic conditions.

Melillan said that the first intervention was the fact that the administration had taken care of this area, but it did not change the situation today.

Doralisa Milalen, a member of this Mapuche organization, also said they were taken from them, thinking about helping other healthcare providers and saying that the Ministry of Health did not intervene properly to come back to a cooperation agreement.

The protest was supported by René Manuel García, a National Revival deputy, who asserted that these tools had created a real alternative to people requiring medicine in Mapuche.

The Ancient Association carries out oversight of the Papua treatment protocols, Management of this space is not relevant.

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