Tuesday , June 6 2023

Marion tells Steve Rotarry about his return to Chile


The theater plays Orient to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the guitarist and founder of the band Kayleigh.

Steve Rotary, a guitarist and founder of English Marillion, has returned to Chile to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the session.

In this regard, the musician, along with his support group, has been focusing on the album since the first years of the band, watching great songs. Beating blows, it was just released again.

On Saturday, June 29th, at 20.30, a meeting will be held at the Orient Theater in Providencia, where the singer performs songs in the album. Scenario for scripts scripts, Fugazy o Childhood Complaints, do not participate in modern Marillion tours.

Sale of tickets

Tickets for Steve Rothery back to Chile are available on Puntoticket and the Theater of Oriente (Pedro de Valdivia # 99, Providencia) at PuntoTicket Store (Padre Mariano # 223 local 102, Providencia and Mall Parque Arauco), 2nd floor 649, Las Condes), Hites and Cinemark stores.

Check values ​​(service charge is missing)

Platea Alta Total $ 20,000
Plate Baja General $ 25 thousand
Playa Baya Center is 30,000 US dollars
First Strip + Steve Rothery + Signature Discovery and Greeting: $ 70,000

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