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A few weeks ago – in a few hours after the London launch – I wrote then it has an impact Huawei When I introduced my new Mate series to the world, I was abandoned: now I did not want to be a player and I did not want to play. For the first time – at least for me – he felt that the Chinese company had played all his cards. He put all the chips on the table. He tells us what his bet is in the world. Perhaps this may seem overbearing, but with the Mate 20 series Huawei is ready to compete with its competitors in terms of design, hardware and software.

For three weeks, I've tested Mate 20 Pro, the most up-to-date family Huawei (Mate 20 has only a few things and Mate has 20 X points, most likely the "gamer" segment). I got it as the main smartphone. Honestly, the experience was great, and I was expecting something with the first impressions of the team. The P9 explained that Huawei had the best camera to easily shoot the best photos. However, the video was always her leg legs.

The Mate 20 Pro solution is a great achievement Huawei reflects a very mature proposal on its global proposal. For the best, especially for the brand's sake, it has a roof that still offers more.

Then we will consider what the main features of the new smartphone are Huawei, Mate 20 Pro:

Sizes: 157.8 mm x 72.3 mm x 8.6 mm Weight 189 grams.
MATERIALS: Glass (rear and front) and aluminum frames.
SCREEN: Amoled, 6.39 ", 1440 x 3120 pixels, radius 19.5: 9.
PROCESSORKirin is 980 (7 nanometers), eight nuclei.
INTERNAL STORAGE: Extends up to 256 GB with 128 GB Nano Memory (NM).
BASIC CHAMBER: Three times. PDA / laser autofocus, second 20 MP, f / 2.2, 16mm (ultrawide), 1 / 2.7 ", PDAF / autofocus first 40 MP with laser, f / 1.8, 27 mm (wide angle), 1/7". One-third of the HDR signals are 8 MP, f / 2.4, 80mm (1/7 "), 1/4", 5x optical zoom, OIS, PDAF / laser autofocus, Leica optics, dual LEDs, dual sound, panorama. 2160p @ 30fps, 1080p @ 60fps, 1080p @ 30fps (gyro-EIS) at 720p @ 960fps.
The Front House: 24 MP, f / 2.0, 26mm (wide angle). Via HDR. Record video 1080 @ 30fps.
BATTERY: 4,200 mAh.
OTHER FEATURES: Face ID, fingerprint recognition, gyroscope, proximity sensor, barometer, compass, 15 W (Qi technology) with fast wireless charging, 40W for dust and water stability, rapid charging with IP68 up to 30 mins at 2m depth).

Mate 20 Pro Huawei This is the first visual impression. From the start of the three teams (20 years old, Math 20 and 20 for 20 X), I think it was very easy.
Huawei further improves its design and has already received a surpassing gift.

But first and foremost, it focuses on the back of the camera. They are no longer horizontally organized on the side; or vertically, and the other down. Mate 20 Pro Huawei, three cameras are placed on a platform, accompanied by a glow, similar to one of the surface edges. When talking to a newspaper photographer, it is clear to me that this is the most logical way to place cameras as it allows for full visualization.

It should be noted that this time there is a variety of colors. If you have Twilight for the P20 Pro, then Mate 20 Pro will get all the emerald green (in Peru with only one operator). Of course: the flowers were reduced to attractive, but not too much attention. O yes, I think Huawei It is not painted in pink (this country is still unavailable).

The Fabric Pro 20 does not have some inspiration from other brands in the modern models: the extended screen, the more often the smaller edges, the brush or the amazing trembling (but with a few sensors), screen curvature, and more. But the second reading is also good. Today, everyone does this because it's a trend. Huawei these trends also take place and are determined by this Mate Series 20 series.

Despite the 6.4 "screen device, the Mate 20 Pro is very ergonomic, and it's going to be a problem when it comes to managing it one hand, especially if it is not too large. As we have learned Huawei, this device has a rubber case that allows you to start using a certain layer of safety.

One of the news Huawei Mate 20 Pro – Kirin is using the processor 980, what can you know about it? It works very well, it is very powerful and you will understand it. The appliance is not "tired" during normal use (even in severe cases). Of course, you will find that this processor is 7 nanometers and that is very important. Do you know why? They have achieved good results with low energy consumption and increased heat.

The terminal I checked was 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB internal storage. Enough. However, Mate 20 Pro Huawei Officially introduced the new technology of Nano Memory Card, which has introduced a new memory card standard, but we have no assurance that it can become global. This is the only time.

Rechargeable Mate 20 Pro Huawei It is obvious that users will appreciate it. 4,200 mAh allows us to reach a range that exceeds one day. In my case, I start at 7 am with 100% load. At 10:00, the team usually reaches 30%. I can not charge it at night. The next morning at 6 o'clock. Usually this is about 3% above average.

Here's the best: Mate 20 Pro Huawei A wall adapter with Super Charge technology can charge up to 70% of battery life in half an hour. (you can see the demonstration) OUR). It comes with Qi technology that lets you wirelessly charge: it is an external battery and can be a wireless charger behind it. Yes, you can power other devices that are compatible with wireless charging.

Here the focus of the new team is concentrated. With P20 Pro Huawei He pointed out an important milestone in the photographic quality offered by the mobile device. If you seem to be unable to do a lot, Mate 20 Pro is coming up, which will greatly improve the quality of your Camera with Leica? No. But there is a great success. The best thing to do is not just the pictures, but also the video material.

In particular, the introduction of wide-angle lenses is always useful, so I appreciate them. It is important for me to record the phone, for example, to use wide-angle buildings and scenarios for the whole trip, if it is for a trip. This can already make Mate 20 Pro Huawei. Now, if you add more night shots (surprising and enhanced with P20 Pro) or artificial intelligence configurations to get more than any shooting, it's still a lot of fun.

Talking about artificial intelligence, I think this has improved. When configuring each available scene, the colors are much better and the images are still not shaded in bright colors. Some new scenarios have been added (for example, historical buildings). Mate 20 Pro Huawei Blurred effect has also improved. The edges are accurate and the finishing is usually better, as the background and object lighting conditions are best.

Portrait mode improved. Some features have been added to add chars to images (stained glass, blind, etc.). And another 20 Mate Pro News Huawei The camera has a Supermacro mode, which makes it very interesting and makes great results.

There is also an interesting improvement in the video title. One of the Mate 20 Pro's lenses Huawei There is an electronic picture stabilizer. This is not good, but it helps much. The image is of good quality. It allows the user to write at 4K for a limited period of time. It works wonderfully when the lighting is bad. Most importantly, it has a roof to improve it and surprise it.

Finally, artificial intelligence will be used in cameras as well. Mate 20 Pro Huawei It brings you the art of painting with artificial intelligence, where you can remain black and white and save the color. There's also an outdated background that can not render this effect on your video. They are a very fun and clear game spirit, but they do not work well on a daily basis. These controlled movements and lighting scenarios can achieve good results. SEE ALL GALLERY.

Mate 20 Pro Huawei There are no speakers at the bottom but stereo sound. How? This is true This unit offers stereo sound with the high speaker and … USB-C connector. To put it right, the bottom audio also works for audio. Certainly, the quality you get when you load or access the equipment.

For security concerns, Mate 20 Pro Huawei Provides a PIN (six digits), a template, a face recognition, and a fingerprint reader. The latest news lies in the fact that the sensor is not on the front or back side. Now down the screen. It takes little time to learn the location of the sensor, and honest, it works well, but the Chinese company is not as accurate or fast as other sensors we have learned. But on the other hand, the face recognition is very good. Fast and accurate. Most importantly, you can provide three-tier safety information about your equipment.

This equipment has a EMUI 9 configuration layer Huawei, which has improved much in recent versions. Try to simplify certain tasks that you want to make the best practice. It offers the option to switch, for example, the Android navigation buttons and replace gesture management in the style of new models of Apple brand.

The London presentation presented several functions, but they are not yet available (which in turn offered to come up with updates): some issues with the camera, 3D scanning for virtualization of objects, extended truth and more. But the 20th is a week of sale to the public of Protestant Huawei now the software update is ready.

Sales and Prices
Tuesday, November 6 – Three weeks after the global launch – Huawei Mate 20 Pro officially presented in Peru. The device has announced that it will be available with four operators (Movistar, Claro, Entel and Bitel), but no details have been provided.

Mate 20 Pro Huawei Pre-sale online from 7 to 15. Also, one of the pre-sales offers was announced as well as the package containing the wireless charger and 360 cameras. Also, the Huawei Watch GT was presented.

As I've been waiting for, I'm with my 20-year-old Matthew Huawei Finally, there may be a "round" phone that is effective not only on some features but also in other aspects. From the ratings, I think that there may be no problem with the most up-to-date competition with the Huawei device. The real competition will begin now.

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