Tuesday , August 16 2022

Megan Marxle reveals himself in the middle of his worst image crisis


In the midst of the first real crisis, his public image, or at least his first voice, was not his opposite family, The Sussex Desk was born again in London, and was amazed at the charity called The Hubb Community Kitchen.She has worked closely for several months to create a recipe book published last month.

Henry's wife, Henry's wife, returned to the Al Mallorar Community Center, where she began a wonderful start with women who had been fired by the Grenffle Tower, helping those who had lost their homes in a tragedy. Make sure that the funds raised by your hand allow you to extend the working hours of the kitchen She now works seven days a week – the number of days she has been housed everyday, and now she has taken shelter to women, homeless and guarded homes.

He was only last year, last January when he was in office last year, because before his connection, he took off Megan's thickness, put on the apron and helped prepare more. only 200 dishes that should be sent to this environment. As well as he has been invited to accompany Clare Smyth, a good friend, who is proud of his work. he volunteered to work together.

The future mother comes with her arrival and closeness to all the participants, smiling and living in an old house, commented on their long-standing salt.

For all the rumors spread over the last few days, there is only one public view sufficient with a complicated hero or his mansion-worker, or Isabel II's approach to its "very Hollywood" new institutional role They are forgotten and say only about the behavior of the former actress.

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