Monday , January 30 2023

Metroid Prime 4 can not be started anymore


Several years have passed since the game Metroid at the home Nintendo console and nobody is sure to announce it Metroid Prime 4 the fans were delighted; and ultimately, the ultimate indicator of many players' ratings. However, even though the fourth installment is officially, Reggies Fils-Aimé says it still has time to find out.

During the interview Mashable, Famed President of the United States Reggie Phillips Aima. Metroid Prime 4 and suggests an upcoming advancement or launch window will appear. In this regard, even though the issue is resolved within the framework of the board of directors, it is impossible to define a pre-determined date: "Inner, we have considered various expectations of launch. Metroid Prime 4, but we have not said anything, but its development is very good. "

Later, when referring to the philosophy of Aymine Nintendo's own name, when something came to the fore, the game's development was in the forefront: "We thought deeply about the sequence of games, but if Nintendo was not ready for a specific name, we could do our best to help its development we do everything and know that there is a need for support when it is released. During the Nintendo period, we have repeatedly extended the development times a few times, at the end it is important, our focus on our quality is very important. "

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