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Mexican fish can help to repair the heart of a person


A Mexican fish, tetra (Astyanax Mexicanus) may have "a secret that helps to cure" heart disease: maybe correct your heart The researchers have been trying to reach people for years after they have been harmed.

Tetra fish (Astyanax Mexicanus), approximately 1.5 million years ago, on the rivers of northern Mexico, were washed out of the cave by seasonal floods. Over time, floods diminished, and eventually they stopped. This has created a great opportunity for different members of one species to adapt to different habitat and to develop: river and cave.

This fish has a so-called lrrc10 gene, which can be a key to the perfect self-healing capacity of this fish, offering new research funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), published in Cell Reports.

Dr. Matilda Moomssteg and his team at the University of Oxford compare genetic code of river fish with caviar caves, which requires special mechanisms heart repair. Three directions of the fish's genome were found to relate to the ability of fish to restore their heart.

The researchers compared the activity of the genes in the river against the fishes in the cave after the heart attack. Two genes, lrrc10 and kawullin, which are much more active in the river fish and can be a key to rebuild the river fishes.

Lrrc10 is already called the heart condition chronic cardiomyopathy (DCM) people. Studies in Mice have shown that this gene is linked to the fact that heartbeats agree with each shot.

Researchers have continued to study the effects of this gene on zebra, which is another fish that has a great ability to treat its heart. Group inactive inactivation lrrc10 He saw fish in Zebrachis completely restores the heart.

Cardiac insufficiency is often the result of a heart attack. During heart attack, oxygen deprives the heart, which leads to the death of muscle cells and their mucous membranes. This prevents heart muscle from being corrected and allows the heart to turn into a blood clot.

People with heart failure can not repair damaged hearts, and are often the only remedies for heart transplantation. Researchers believe that they can uncover the secrets of these wonderful fish and treat one's heart as well.

Two types of Tetra fish in Mexico.

Professor Metin Avkiran, deputy medical director at the British Heart Foundation, says: "These amazing results show how much you can learn from the wildlife tapestry." Rivers can be recovered from the heart. Having the ability to stop scarring, we must now determine whether such mechanisms can be used repair of damaged heart.

In the last 20 years, lifetime of heart failure has not changed and life expectancy is worse than many oncological diseases. Noisy achievement is needed to overcome this catastrophic event.

Researcher of Regenerative and Developmental Medicine, University of Oxford, Methylda Mommersstraff, said: "At the moment, it has been difficult to compare the kidney damage and heart repair. But looking at river fishes and caves, we were able to eliminate the genes responsible for the recovery of the heart.

& # 39; heart failure In the United Kingdom, more than half a million people are living in a cruel and degenerative illness. It is early, but we are delighted to be able to change the lives of these wonderful fish and people with broken hearts. "

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