Monday , September 27 2021

Ministry of Health's response to HIV infection: "This campaign is wrong"

Different reactions through social networking The Ministry of Health has led to a new campaign to raise awareness about HIV / AIDS.

Here are some of the top men and women of different ages and say, "One of these people can be HIV and you have 10 seconds to find it."

In this connection Equuales Foundation he wrote at his own expense "This campaign is incorrect. It identifies HIV as intrigue, something that is suspected to be published. This prospect is contrary to the human rights of the HIV / AIDS patient. It is not possible to stigmatize people who are HIV-positive.

Although diversity is active, Victor Hugo Robles, He said, "@ministeriosalud offers HIV / AIDS prevention in the police and investigation format. It does not come close to a quick test, but it uses people's (negative) actions, some of which create a terrible challenge to HIV: "You have 10 seconds to identify it". Is it ok

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