Wednesday , June 23 2021

Mobile phones are served by mobile phones on December 6> Cuba> Granma

Executive Director of Cuban Telecommunication Company (ETECSA), Maira Arevich, will be joining the nationwide mobile Internet service all over the world starting at 6 am on the 6th of December at 8 am.

The process will have special features in commercialization and will focus on users who support 3G technology, said Tanya Velasquez Rodriguez, vice president of Business Strategy and Technology.

"Customers have 3G support for 900MHz and up to November 26, any modem should have a previously used terminal," he said.

Subscribers, recognized by the network with these features, will be able to dial the * 133 # number without having to go to the commercial office, and to get the package of benefits based on the phone itself and the menu option, simplifying the basic service report. mobile phone.

Clients enter the number sequentially. Consequently, it starts from 6 days to 52 and 53; December 54 and December 7, December 56 and December 58, detail Velázquez Rodríguez.

Additionally, they will be notified at the time of notifying the commencement of the Notification Service and subsequently notifying the Consignment Package or the receipt thereof.

Consumption coefficient allows mobile data communication to be used directly with the balance of the balance, in which case the cost of access to the Internet will be 0.10 CUC / MB and the national rate differential sites are 0.02 CUC / MB (two cents).

On the other hand, four packages with a 30 day suit will be installed and a 300 megabyte extra bonus will be introduced for the national content.

These packages will cost 600 MB at 7CUC; From 1 to 10 CUC; 2.5 GB for 20 CU and 4 GB for 30 CUC.

However, resources that were previously purchased and still in use will be added to the existing packages and will take effect 30 days from the first connection immediately after the purchase.

Motivation of the Nauta Mailbox is also provided by an enhanced offer of 50 MB for 1 CUC, Velázquez Rodríguez said.

In the first few days of this service, there may be events in certain areas or regions. From this point on, ETECSA is pleased to inform the company through institutional channels, if any inconvenience arises.

Users make sure their phones have access to configuration options and look for the WCDMA option, which is viewed as UMTS on cellular networks.

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