Tuesday , January 31 2023

More than 1,500 pets were sown in the region


Health Department has received a positive assessment since the end of the mass vaccination of rabies in 11 communities of the region.

The aim of the operation was to prevent rabies, the viral zoonosis, characterized by acute encephalomyelitis, is characterized by even 100% mortality when describing specific recovery conditions. Sending is accompanied by mucous membranes or ulcers through an animal's saliva or belongs to the nervous system. Animals that can give this disease can be animals, dogs, foxes, or snake animals.

The Alejandro García Health Care Balance has been positive: "Our Health Serei and municipalities in three oblasts of the region have been able to vaccinate 1,539 pets, which means that it is a massive operation that is important to avoid rabies.

In addition, the Health Administration noted the importance of the operation and "we have received samples collected from 52 communities that have been admitted to the public health institute so far, four of which have been positive. So it is important to keep vaccination card in our pets. "

Operations were conducted in 11 communities: Canela, Cucimbo, La Serena, La Higera, Punitakue, Ovala, Salamanca, Los Villaros, Põhuanos, Iliapel and Wikuena.

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